Doghouse was conceived in November 2010 by Jon Saxon – and was later launched in May 2012 – showcasing the photography of Gavin Weston. Since then Doghouse has featured a further talent of photographers, illustrators and writers

Jon Saxon

– editor –

...began his career in journalism by accident, following a record-breaking attempt to visit all the counties of mainland Britain in the quickest time – in a Mk1 Golf GTI – back in 1994. His story was featured in VW Motoring along with his name. Jon then went on to become motoring content provider for Yahoo, North American correspondent for The Golf, and UAE Editor-in-Chief for evo. The latter inspired the launch of RubberDuckMag.

Staff profiles_Jon.jpg

Richard Stanton

– photographer –

...lives in Ludlow, Shropshire, and works freelance nationwide for The Sunday Times, Guardian, and The Telegraph; for whom he has photographed Ronnie Corbet, Mark Cavendish, Eddie Izzard, and Vivienne Westwood. Richard and his wife Rhiannon, have a daughter, Isabella, and two dogs: Herge and Cheese... the latter featured on the cover of Doghouse, edition three. Check out Richard's work here or follow on Twitter.

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Jacob Ward

– features writer – a confirmed pub-tour companion, and has been so since edition four of Doghouse, when we met Jacob for the first time... over a dimpled pint at the outstanding Three Kings of Hanley Castle. Since then Jacob has be on hand for far-longer exercises in pub exploration; taking us into Birmingham – and more recently – Liverpool. Jacob first featured in edition three, with a column about smoking in pubs. You can check out Jacob's blog here.

Staff profiles_Jacob.jpg

Nanna Koekoek

– illustrator – a Dutch/American freelance illustrator, currently based in Hackney, London. When Nanna isn't illustrating the pages of Doghouse, she can be found adding to her photo collection of pub carpets, as well as organising the infamous Pub Carpet Crawl – soon to be featured in Doghouse. Nanna also has love for her 1950s Raleigh, girl groups and East coast rap. Check out Nanna's work here or follow on Twitter.

Staff profiles_Nanna.jpg

Gavin Weston

– photographer –

...worked exclusively on edition one of Doghouse, as the launch photographer – and has worked on three of the editions to date. Gavin also worked with Jon on a number of photoshoots for Doghouse's sister title RubberDuckMagazine. Gavin is also an unashamed raver, lover of Marmite and mayonnaise with his chips, and once produced a photography book documenting the flooding of his hometown back in 2007.

Staff profiles_Gavin.jpg

Michael Slaughter

– photographer – best noted for his tireless dedication to the documenting of historical pub interiors for CAMRA's heritage wing. Mick's fantastic company on a pub crawl, especially if you're trying to authenticate a wing-back chair, the toilets, or the bar top.

Staff profiles_Mick.jpg

Sean Sims

– illustrator – based in Brighton and produces illustrations for national and international clients – including the one below for London itself – as well as a range of limited edition prints of his own doing. Check out Sean's work here or follow on Twitter.

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Why not join the team?

Doghouse warmly welcomes contributions from writers, photographers and illustrators. If you would like to get involved, and help Doghouse grow, we'd love to hear from you.